Model Tips — General Information

  1. Feel free to call or email to discuss your upcoming shoot.
  2. Give advance notice if you are going to be late. Better yet, come a little earlier.
  3. Practice poses. Look at pictures in magazines and video lessons, practice poses in front of the mirror. You have to look sexy and like yourself!
  4. Practice poses. Look at pictures in magazines and video lessons, practice poses in front of the mirror. You have to look sexy and like yourself!

Tips for Models — Face and Body

  1. Then your face will be fresh, your mood will be good, your body will be awake, and you’ll be ready for great shots!
  2. You should NOT drink alcoholic beverages on the eve of the shoot — your face will become puffy, bags will appear under your eyes, and your eyes will look smaller. For the same reason, you should not eat foods that have a significant amount of salt and all kinds of canned and pickled vegetables. It is worth limiting the use of watermelons and other fruits, and vegetables with high fluid content.
  3. A couple of days before the shooting it is recommended to make a light peeling and correction of the eyebrows, the day before to apply a mask. You won’t spend much time, but you’ll get a healthy complexion.
  4. It is better to go to the tanning salon 3-4 days before the shooting. And it’s better not to take the risk and get a tan 1-2 weeks before the shoot, especially if you have never tanned in a tanning bed before.
  5. On the day of the shoot, it’s better to apply makeup right before you leave for the shoot rather than first thing in the morning. That way your face will stay fresh longer.
  6. Make sure you have waxing done before the shoot. Don’t forget the bikini area if you will be filming nude.
  7. If you will be filming nude or semi-nude, it is best to arrive at the shoot in loose clothing to avoid clothing marks on your skin. If you will be filming nude, you should remove your underwear 20-30 minutes before the shoot.
  8. Your underwear should match your clothes. If you will be filming nude, your underwear is the most important part of your closet, and it has to be perfect.
  9. Manicures and pedicures should be neat. A neutral design or a French style always looks great unless something else is required for the shoot.

Take care of your lips. Lip gloss looks very good in the frame. If you need to put lipstick on your lips, match your lipstick tone to your costumes beforehand.

Tips for Models — Hair

  • If you have dyed hair, dye the roots before the shoot.
  • Your hairstyle for the shoot should match your appearance and the location of the shoot.
  • For example, complex evening hairstyles are completely inappropriate in the fields and in nature.
  • Do not forget about hair accessories: elastic bands, hairpins, satin ribbons, scarves, etc.In most cases, the most effective hair style is straight, loose hair.

    Tips for Models — Clothing

  1. In the warm season take your swimsuit with you, of course, if the shooting will take place outdoors. It won’t be superfluous and won’t take up much space.
    Try to take spare sets of underwear for different sets of clothes. Underwear should always be presentable and beautiful. Even if you don’t have to undress, you may need to undo a few buttons.
  2. Bring your accessories: hat, shawl, scarf, fan, beads, etc.
  3. Don’t wear all your gold. I believe you have a lot of it, really, but try to keep the number of rings, earrings, chains, etc. to a minimum. Such accessories will only draw attention away from you.
    Seriously and in detail choose your clothes and accessories. Try them on at home in front of the mirror, see what goes best with what, choose your shoes. Clothes must be washed and ironed before the shoot. Your shoes must be clean. Remember, it’s better to take more things and not wear them all, than to be shot in one set.

Tips for Models — Posing

  1. Don’t look into the camera lens unless I ask you to.
  2. All your movements should be smooth and graceful.
  3. Do not stand on two legs equally. Always transfer weight from one foot to the other.
  4. When you are filmed sitting up and in front, bring your legs together or put your leg over your leg. Also, don’t forget to pull your toe forward — it looks beautiful in the photo.
  5. Your poses should look natural and relaxed.
  6. While posing you should be comfortable. If there is discomfort, you need to eliminate the cause.
  7. If you want to get sexy photos, then their recipe is this — half of the success is the look, and the other half is the body. The gaze must be meaningful and lively, it must read emotions — desire, passion, attraction, mystery.

Tips for Models — Summing Up

In conclusion, I would like to add that it is very difficult to follow all these rules and tips the first time, so don’t get upset if you forget something. Everything is ahead of you!

 I wish you good shots!

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